T3 Templates Base Change Log

This page contains all changes from all stable releases of the TYPO3 Template: T3 Templates Base.

This is the basis of all TYPO3 themes from T3 Templates.


Version 1.6.3

  • [BUGFIX] Header Position is now be considered again

Version 1.6.2

  • [IMPORTANT] Update Bootstrap to 5.3.1

  • [IMPORTANT] Drop Support for TYPO3 10

  • [FEATURE] DropDown: Page Seperator are not longer linked

  • [FEATURE] Added missing Constant Language Keys for latest child theme version

  • [FEATURE] RTE: text align changed to CSS class: text-start, text align right is: text-end

  • [FEATURE] Card: Extend to use subheader as button label

  • [FEATURE] New header_style: Button Primary to Quaternary

  • [FEATURE] Card: If Button Link has CSS class, then use only this

  • [FEATURE] New CSS Class: btn-outline

  • [FEATURE] New Card Container

  • [FEATURE] Display Normal Menu value: never to always show mobile menu

  • [FEATURE] New Navbar Color Scheme: Custom 1 - 3

  • [FEATURE] Contant Editor: New option page.maxContainerWidth which changes the Bootstrap container max-width

  • [FEATURE] Allow <br> - tag in Card Title

  • [FEATURE] Rename changelog.txt to CHANGES.md

  • [FEATURE] Add class: brightness-100 to revert brightness reduction if ce-type-image is layout-20 (Slider)

  • [FEATURE] New StartsWithViewHelper

  • [FEATURE] Form label.required adds a asterix at the end

  • [FEATURE] Offcanvas title is now the root page title

  • [FEATURE] Simple Cookie Consent with top and bottom position

  • [FEATURE] New Frame for textpic and image to round corners of the image

  • [FEATURE] New Frame btn-primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, custom-1, custom-2, custom-3

  • [FEATURE] 2/3/4 Columns Container: New Flexform Options to set Colums classes

  • [FEATURE] Add class nav-spacer in DropDown MenĂ¼ if page is type seperator

  • [FEATURE] Add option to set a CSS class for a nav-link in menu

  • [FEATURE] Grayish Background color in RTE to see white color text

  • [FEATURE] Mail/Tel links with btn class dont show Mail Icon

  • [FEATURE] Add container_timeline.css to TimelineContainer

  • [FEATURE] New ViewHelper: LenghtViewHelper

  • [FEATURE] Explicitly Allow index in Production

  • [FEATURE] Style external links, needed for german law reasons. There are some exceptions from it like no-icon class content element type: uploads

  • [NOTICE] Suggest News Extension in composer and ext_emcomf.php

  • [NOTICE] Override --bs-link-color-rgb also

  • [IMPROVE] We do swiper.update, if we resize window

  • [BUGFIX] Wrong closing round bracked in TypoScript

  • [BUGFIX] Added missing font files for Inter

Version 1.6.0

  • [NEW] Base Style for pageHero
  • [NEW]New Outer Space Value Medium-1
  • [NEW] New Content Layout Field: custom classes
  • [NEW]Modallink with smaller padding for mobile
  • [NEW]Setting to Enable Retina Images
  • [NEW]text-white in RTE DropDown is blackish
  • [NEW]Tertiary, Quaternary in RTE
  • [NEW]Add class: animate__stop to avoid assigning Animation Class
  • [NEW] Add backend_layout in bodyClass too
  • [NEW] Option to enable/disable footer
  • [NEW] News->Detail: Structured Data: Default Author can be set in TypoScript
  • [NEW] Add Structured Data to News Articles in Detail Page
  • [NEW]Set Hero Style for OneColumn Layout for pageHeader too
  • [NEW]Add new Link in Linkbrowser: modal-link. And those Links will be opened in a Bootstrap Modal Box
  • [NEW] New Constant Editor option to assign Hero Style
  • [NEW] Assign accordion-collapsed to Accordion-Item that are collapsed to have more options for styling
  • [NEW] Added Subheader to Tab/Accordion - Element that will be displayed in closed state below the Header
  • [NEW] Add New Setting for showAuthor on News->Detail
  • [NEW]Finalizd AnimateCSS Fields and enable AnimateCSS with IntersectionObserver in Frontend
  • [NEW] New ThemeEditor Setting to set Page Header Color
  • [NEW]Set ID for Page Header and Footer and changed CSS. If you had CSS customization based on Page Header and Footer, then please verify it before you upgrade.
  • [NEW] QuotePi1: Quote converts not Blanks to BR
  • [NEW] Exclude og:url from News Detail, because tx_news set its own og:url tag
  • [NEW] Add og:url
  • [NEW] Added New Fonts: Inter, Layout
  • [CHANGE] strong,b is not bolder, its Theme Bold value
  • [CHANGE] AnimationProcessor: Add animatecss Library File as CSS Library
  • [CHANGE]Modalink with fade
  • [CHANGE] Modallink Modal auf modal-xl
  • [CHANGE] Revert Modallink with Container. breaks scrollable area.
  • [CHANGE] Display Classes on p, disables max-width
  • [IMPROVE] Set Page Header and Footer ID and change CSS
  • [BUGFIX] Rewrite animation_observer.js to native JS, because we dont know, if jQuery is loaded before
  • [BUGFIX] Only Create script Tag, when element is animated
  • [BUGFIX] Several Bugfixes
  • [BREAK] Remove ColorScheme for MainNav and Footer, because we define these colors in the ThemeEditor now

Version 1.5.5

  • [BUGFIX]Remove Slavlee\T3templatesBase\DataProcessing\PriceCardProcessor::flexFormProcessor(), because it is replaced by \Slavlee\T3templatesBase\DataProcessing\FlexFormProcessor

Version 1.5.4

  • [IMPROVE]Flush Cache after ThemeeditorController->updateAction
  • [BUGFIX] Text Color bei Theme Editor Toast
  • [BUGFIX] Alert Color Background Colors not correctly written in ThemeProcessor
  • [BUGFIX] Mode/ThemeSettings: familySecond must be names familySecondary

Version 1.5.3

  • [NEW] ThemeProcessor from t3templates_creativeagency as Base ThemeProcessor with argument themeName to switch between T3 Templates Childthemes

Version 1.5.2

  • [BUGFIX] Nav Links in Main always in Copy Color

Version 1.5.1

  • [NEW]ThemeEditor New Fields for Subnavigation Color
  • [BUGFIX]Several Bugixes by setting Theme Settings Nav Link Color

Version 1.5.0

  • [NEW] Textpic can have Background Color
  • [NEW] Add all tx_news_pi1 Layout Selection from slavlee_package, but only activated Slider
  • [NEW]New Font Source Sans Pro as Primary
  • [NEW]News Linkhandler
  • [NEW] Extend Content Container for Layout: StepList. Based on Slavlee Package StepList Plugin
  • [NEW]StepList: Access Setting
  • [NEW] News: Category Tree: Redesign to list-group
  • [NEW] StringUtility: Embed from Slavlee Package
  • [NEW] QueryBuilderUtility: Create new Utility to find Records an able to disable FrontendGroupRestriction
  • [NEW] Embed DatabaseUtility from Slavlee Package
  • [NEW]MainNav Color Scheme, Offcanvas Title Color and Brand Text Color editable via Constant Editor
  • [NEW] Security Headers added
  • [NEW] News->List: Title Tag via TypoScript steuerbar
  • [NEW] Extend LanguageMenuProcessor to check on News Detail Pages, if there is a news for all available languages. If not, then language will be removed from langNav
  • [NEW]New Frontend Plugin: t3tcompatibility_pi1 to show a table with Compatiblity data related to a TYPO3 Extension
  • [NEW] Theme Editor to Change Theme Settings. Finalized Toggler of the Theme Editor
  • [NEW] Replace FlexFormProcessor with Custom one for TYPO3 10
  • [NEW] Override Media/TextOverlay/Oscar Partial for TYPO3 10, because there is no decoding Attribute in TYPO3 10
  • [IMPROVE]Frame Ruler Before and After under bg-colored is bs-light colored
  • [IMPROVE]Main Nav Dropdown Item:active no background
  • [IMPROVE].nav-link no outline
  • [IMPROVE]Bootstrap Placeholder Padding
  • [IMPROVE] Alert Font Color is !important to override bg-colored p -> white definition
  • [IMPROVE] Several small bugfixes
  • [IMPROVE] Offcanvas Container is an aside and the Title is no h5. It is a p, because we dont want to structure the Offcanvas menu.
  • [IMPROVE]TYPO3 10 Support to get RequestUri und QueryBuilder executeStatement
  • [BUGFIX] .lead calculats from Base Font Size + 0.25rem
  • [BUGFIX] Error on Counting Words
  • [BUGFIX] Footer PID from Constants is now correctly assigned to setup
  • [BUGFIX] Syntax Error reading pageSettings in ThemeeditorController
  • [BUGFIX]Fix Name of navlinkHoverColor
  • [BUGFIX]Fix Name of familySecond to familySecondary
  • [BUGFIX] setBoldWeight, setBtnSize did not set argument
  • [BREAK] Space Inner Left/Right for all Content Elements. Need to execute DB Analyzer
  • [BREAK]Added Secondary Font. Now Primary is for Headlines and Secondary for Copy Text
  • [BREAK]Changed all CSS Variable to new names defined in Theme Editor

Version 1.4.7

  • [NEW] Lang Key: template.footer.langNav.singular
  • [BUGFIX]PHP Warning: foreach() argument must be of type array|object, null given in t3templates_base/Classes/ViewHelpers/Menu/HomepageNotActiveViewHelper.php line 57

Version 1.4.6

  • [NEW]A lot new header_icon in Value Picker
  • [NEW]New frame_class ruler-after-center

Version 1.4.5

  • [NEW] New CType: Card to introduce classic Bootstrap Card
  • [NEW] Add FlexForm to Content Container. There is a fallback, but be caution when resaving Content Container with Layout: Grid Cards.
  • [NEW]Content Container: New Layout Slider to Create SwiperJS Slider, where each content element is one slide
  • [NEW] RTE: New Link Class for Brand Quora
  • [CHANGE] Redownload Google Source Pro

Version 1.4.4

  • [NEW] Disable cache and compression in TYPO3_CONTEXT = development
  • [NEW]Content Container: New Layout 3 => Device Height
  • [NEW]--bs-body color represents now --bs-body-color
  • [NEW] header_style: New option: uppercase
  • [CHANGE] Navbar text-dark, because base background is white

Version 1.4.3

  • [NEW] Increase Compatiblity with Container 2.1
  • [BUGFIX] PHP Warning: Undefined array key "class" in Classes/Xclass/Frontend/ContentObject/ContentObjectRenderer.php line 24

Version 1.4.2

  • [NEW]Style .help-block from ext:form
  • [CHANGE] Nav Lang: Highlight active item
  • [CHANGE] Nav Lang: Remove span from item
  • [CHANGE] Nav Lang: Language that are not available are no longer shown
  • [BUGFIX]p.w-100 overcome max-width

Version 1.4.1

  • [NEW] .img-fluid to width: 100%
  • [NEW] Create LanguageProcessor under page.10.dataProcessing.12
  • [BUGFIX] PriceCard using ce.cssClass to set global css classes from appereance tab

Version 1.4.0

  • [NEW] New ViewHelper: HomepageNotActiveViewHelper to remove active state from shortcut that targets rootpage
  • [NEW]Add box-shadow to 2 Col Container for Offset column
  • [NEW] New Section Frame: commercial
  • [NEW] Linkbrowser: New Class for External Link: affiliate-link
  • [NEW]Custom ExternalUrlLinkBuilder to set rel="sponsored" for Affiliate Links
  • [NEW] Hook Into ContentObjectRenderer->addSecurityRelValues to set rel="sponsored" for Affiliate Links
  • [NEW] New Header Icons (Stars)
  • [NEW] New CType: Price Card
  • [NEW]New Layout for Content Container: Card Groups
  • [NEW]RTE: New classes for p and span (white,light,black,dark)
  • [NEW] New classes for Header and Subheader (white,light,black,dark)
  • [NEW]Four Column Container
  • [NEW] Container Container: Allow 2Col and 3Col Container
  • [NEW] TwoCol Container: Add FlexForm with Offset and CSS Class for Columns
  • [NEW] New RTE Classes for span
  • [NEW]Custom Classes for text-
  • [NEW] Make Masonry Gutter editable via CSS(.masonry-grid--gutter)
  • [NEW] Content Container Masonry uses t3t_container_gutter
  • [NEW]Content Container: New frame_class: Container--Outside to control where the Bootstrap Container should be created in the HTML
  • [NEW] Update Base Layout: OneColumn
  • [NEW]Create Default Appearance for Brand in partial to reuse it in the Childthemes
  • [NEW] New Textpic Position: Banner Text Left
  • [NEW] Set tt_content->header_style to select multiple
  • [CHANGE] Set current class on DropDown Menu
  • [CHANGE]Changing Background Color from Textpic Overlapping to dark
  • [CHANGE]Rename Textic Position: Banner to Banner Text Right and changed language key from layout.textpic.banner to layout.textpic.banner.I.0
  • [BUGFIX] RTE Button Custom1-3 in RTE->Default fixed
  • [BUGFIX]TextBanner: TextWidth needs to be 100%
  • [BUGFIX] Bugfix Inner/Outer Spacing with Frames on Mobile
  • [BUGFIX] Setting indexed_search Tags for Main Content
  • [BUGFIX] Missing Label in 3 Col Container for Third Column
  • [BUGFIX] ext_tables.sql TEXT does not support DEFAULT value
  • [BUGFIX] RTE Link Editor btn-custom1-3 Classes not displayed
  • [BREAK] Refactor Text/Image Banner CSS to force vertically centered Text

Version 1.3.1

  • [BUGFIX] callLinkOnMainNavInOpenState also for Offcanvas

Version 1.3.0

  • [NEW] Styling indexed_search
  • [NEW] New Appearance Fields for all CE: margin-start/end and width
  • [NEW] Add layout to indexed_search again
  • [NEW] menu_pages/subpages for frame list-group-boxes, show abstract
  • [NEW] Enable Feature for Tabs to show only Accordion
  • [NEW] Added final Links to Dashboard
  • [IMPROVE] Restructure ContainerBootstrap and GeneralBootstrap for fields that are relevant for all CE
  • [IMPROVE] Converting header_link to TEXT to avoid MySQL Errors of to big database rows

Version 1.2.3

  • [CHANGE] Aktualisierung Extension.svg mit neuem T3 Templates Logo
  • [BUGFIX] Container: bg-colored not for bg-white, bg-light

Version 1.2.2

  • [NEW] RTE: New Styles span/a.Primary, span/a.Secondary
  • [NEW] Image: Override Media/Type/Image to allow HTML in figcaption
  • [BUGFIX] Textpic Overlapping Title for Mobile on --bs-heading-color

Version 1.1.1

  • [NEW] Include btn-primary colors to set to --bs-primary
  • [IMPROVE] Textoverlay Button Position > 1200px
  • [BUGFIX] DropDown Item wird nicht aktiv, wenn Hashwert
  • [BUGFIX] CardOverlayProcessor didnt include additionalCssFile

Version 1.1.0

  • [NEW] Add some Swiper CSS Variables
  • [NEW] Textoverlay I: Oscar: Make Text content center center
  • [NEW] Support rte_ckeditor_image
  • [NEW] Nav Partial nows can display infite sub levels
  • [BUGFIX] Brand Display Mode with Blank spaces in values
  • [BUGFIX] Missing key in locallang_constants: category.style.colors.gray

Version 1.0.0

  • [NEW] First Stable Release